Treasure Division

This page parallells the wiki page Treasure, showing the division of loot. The oldest entry is for “The Untold Riches of the Darklands”; before that, we did the treasure division on paper. I will maintain a section at the top with this message and all of the stuff we are still hanging on to.

Stuff we haven’t sold yet:

6 doses of cytillesh extract (to Riddleport) (from Untold Riches)
12 doses of black smear (to Riddleport) (from Untold Riches)
mw short sword of drow manufacture (to Magnimar; maybe use the Lionfish?) (from Untold Riches)
mw troglodyte macahuitl (to Magnimar; maybe use the Lionfish?) (from Untold Riches)
50 small poisoned repeating-crossbow bolts (maybe just hang on to these in case we ever need to equip a small army?) (from Untold Riches)

The Untold Riches of the Darklands

present: Olly, Sa’hetna, Thrindil, Zuristoi
total sale price: 418.5 gp
share: 104.625 gp for Olly, Sa’hetna, Thrindil, and Zuristoi
stuff we are selling: 2 dark folk short swords, 4 dark folk daggers, trog pebbles
stuff we are discarding: 5 suits of derro armor
stuff we are using for materials: 4 small repeating crossbows, 2 small aklys
other notes: there is not enough gold here right now for everybody to actually take out their share; the value is mostly in the crossbows. I recommend waiting until we get the loot for the recent return to the Darklands before marking this down. Also: we melt and recast the 141 gp before we spend it.

Treasure Division

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