The division of loot can be found at Treasure Division

The untold riches of the Darklands
x6 doses of Cytellish Extract possibly worth up to 800 gp each! This has the potential to change the political landscape of Freeport.
x12 doses of Black Smear. Comparable venom-derived poisons are worth from 150 gp a dose.
MW witchmetal short sword (~310 gp?)
MW macuahuitl of troglodyte manufacture. Fragile, but likely saleable to a collector in Magnimar (308 gp)
x2 witchmetal short swords (10 gp?)
x4 witchmetal daggers (2 gp?)
2 Small short swords (10 gp?)

65 gp as weapon materials
141gp oblong bearing the runes of various demon lords. Probably drow.

The Tower Garrison
Unfortunately, there is little market for more hobgoblin gear. The party has three choices for dealing with it.
1) Use it for raw materials.
2) Make use of it, either yourselves or by your troops.
3) Hang onto it until spring. Even if Wanderer merchants aren’t interested, the Ulfen of the Ironbound Archipelago would likely purchase such well-made but unaesthetic armor and weapons.

550 gp, 1,710 sp and 1,620 cp in brand-new poorly struck coins with a seven-pointed star on one side and (you think) mountains on the other. 500 gp, 1,500 sp and 1,500 cp of this are divided into thin bags of no appreciable weight or value containing 10 coins each.
7 small chests with simple locks (@ 22 gp)
20 suits of scale mail, 4 chain shirts, 1 chainmail
6 heavy wooden shields
2 longspears, 2 bills, 2 glaive-guisarmes, 3 glaives, 15 scimitars, 2 shortspears, 2 battleaxes, 1 heavy mace, 1 whip, 6 short swords, 7 composite longbows (+2), 1 dagger
Total value of armor and weapons 4,144; 1,036 gp as raw materials
Hobgoblin spellbook with all standard 0th-level spells except Necromancy and Transmutation, burning hands, mage armor, shield, vanish, burning gaze, defensive shock, haunting mists (298.5 gp)
Scroll of shield (25 gp)
100 gp worth of scroll scribing materials
2 palanquins (@ 20 gp)
2 unfit hobgoblin palanquin bearer slaves (Commoner 2)
Light catapult (550 gp)
3 goods
As usual, the goblin gear is made out of garbage and is infested with goblin dog dander and has no resale value.

8 cutlasses (@ 15 gp)
Hand crossbow (100 gp)
6 leather armors (@ 10 gp)
7 light crossbows (@ 35 gp)
Studded leather (25 gp)
MW studded leather (175 gp)
Small MW dagger (302 gp)
Small leather armor (10 gp)
Small light crossbow (35 gp)
Travelling formula book (adjuring step, bomber’s eye, cure light wounds, enlarge person, shield, 1 lb., 50 gp)
3 unknown vials
Sell wagon and 2 draft horses (504 gp)
Buy 3 light riding horses and tack (-273 gp)
Sell 3 light riding horses and tack in Brinewall (273 gp)
There are sufficient wannabe pirates in Riddleport that there is no 10% flooded market reduction for selling more than 5 cutlasses, leather armors, or light crossbows.

Abjurant Salt
Aura moderate abjuration; CL 9th; Weight 1 lb.; Slot none; Price 600 gp
Carried in a tube of beaten silver, this rough-ground salt is a powerful defense against evil conjurers. As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, the salt can be poured in a circle with a diameter of 5 feet or a straight line up to 15 feet long. While the line of salt remains unbroken and undisturbed, evil summoned or called creatures cannot physically cross it or interfere with it. These creatures can continue to make ranged or magical attacks over the line. Any other creature may disturb the line simply by scuffing it. The effects of the salt last as long as the line remains unbroken. Once laid, the salt cannot be recollected.
Construciton Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, magic circle against evil, permanency; Cost 300 gp

Potion of lesser restoration (CL 3, DC 18, Con(healing), 300 gp)

In need of repair
Destroyed +1 bladed scarf (500 gp as materials; or Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Spellcraft DC 10, 500 gp, 4 hrs.; or CL 10 make whole to repair; then 2,312 gp (net 1,812 gp or 2,312 gp))

Removed from an unattended dragon hoard
2 moss agates (11 gp, 14 gp)
Amber (90 gp)
MW club (300 gp)
Arcane scroll of anticipate peril (CL 3) , see invisibility, glitterdust (375 gp)

Found on the hobgoblins
6 short swords (10 gp)
4 glaives (8 gp)
4 MW female hobgoblin parade armor (41.25 gp as materials, possibly more to the right buyer)
Female hobgoblin noble’s outfit (18.75 gp as materials, possibly more to the right buyer)
Female hobgoblin noble’s jewelry (25 gp as materials, possibly more to the right buyer)
Barbarically carved wood scroll case (1 gp) with arcane scrolls of false life (150 gp) and obscuring mist (25 gp)
Potion of cure light wounds (50 gp)
Iron scroll case with a design of dancing humanoid skeletons containing a loose scroll hobgoblin “spellbook” with haunting mists, false life, spectral hand, chill touch, mage armor, shield, resistance, detect magic, detect poison, daze, ghost sound, bleed, touch of fatigue (181.5 gp, there will be a handout)
Dagger (2 gp)
Spell component pouch (5 gp)
Bucket of arrows (enough for a serious assault but not a protracted siege)
While hobgoblin weapons lack the aesthetic polish and finish of items crafted by more civilized humanoids, they are known for their strength and sharpness, and so may be sold for the same price as non-hobgoblin arms. Unfortunately, the female hobgoblin armor, outfit and jewelry, while impressive in a savage, barbaric way, can only be sold as materials, except perhaps to the right buyer (best not to ask…).

The Place of Bones
MW longsword (315 gp)
MW breastplate (350 gp)
MW heavy steel shield (170 gp)
3 broken longswords (3.75 gp materials; or 1.5 gp, 1d4 hrs., Craft (weapons) DC 15 to repair; then 15 gp (net 13.5 gp))
3 broken chain shirts (25 gp materials; or 10 gp, 1d4 hrs., Craft (armor) DC 10 to repair; then 100 gp (net 90 gp))
3 broken heavy wooden shields (1.75 gp materials; 7 sp, 1d4 hrs., Craft (armor) DC 10 to repair; then 7 gp (net 6.3 gp))
His brief study of the Tower of Skulls grants Thrindil a +2 circumstance bonus to his Spellcraft check should he ever research the construction of such a blasphemous thing. He can also spend 25 gp, take 8 hrs., and make a DC 21 Spellcraft check (or take 2 hrs. with a DC 21 Profession (scribe) check) to create a book that provides the same bonus that’s worth 100 gp. Since he’s an elf he can do this any time during the rest of the campaign. Since the book is not magic, it isn’t evil in and of itself. Of course, actually creating a Tower of Skills is…

For multiple items the value is for each item.



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