Pathfinder Off the Beaten Path

Weal and Woe

Olly speculates about the Harrow

“Hey guys, I think I figured out something important! So remember when we were going after the Derro city, and Zuristoi read the Harrow? And it said unequivocally “woe”, but then we went ahead and attacked the city anyway? And we met with what seemed like complete success?"

“So now, we sort of have that hanging over our heads – either the Harrow is just a bunch of carny nonsense – which is certainly possible – or there’s some awful fate lurking out there waiting to come crashing down on us because we cleaned out those derro.”

“Well, what if we kind of, like, pre-empted it? Ok stay with me here: what were we trying to do when we went into the Darklands? We were trying to raise money, right? And we did get some, uh, items, that we sold for a reasonable chunk of change – but what else did we get? AN INSANE BABY! An insane baby who would cost about 6,000 gold to get healed. Which is considerably more than we made on the trip. So let’s say we decided we were going to raise than 6,000 gp and heal the baby – then the net effect of that whole trip would be about, uh, carry the 3, I think it would leave us 4,000 gold in the red. That would be “woe”, right, since we were trying to make money?"

“And that way we end up with no derro, a rescued and healed baby, and presumably whatever other awful fate would be waiting for us – infestation of the derro city by aboleths coming up out of their well, or something – then wouldn’t need to happen, because we would still get our “woe”."




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