Earnings gp or Goods +10 (counting only the Forge);
Create 28 Goods, 25 Labor; Time 20 days (1,090 gp); Size 18-37 squares.
BEDROOM 4-8 squares
FORGE 8-16 squares
OFFICE 2-5 squares
VAULT 4-8 squares; iron door (hardness 10, hp 60, break DC 28) with a good lock (DC 30), 3 ft. masonry wall (hardness 8, hp 270, break DC 35)

Standard wooden doors (hardness 5, hp 10, break DC 15), glazed windows imported from the glassworks at Sandpoint (hardness 1, hp 1) with shutters (hardness 5, hp 5), standard masonry walls inside and out (hardness 8, hp 90, break DC 35), flagged floors, shingled roof (hardness 5, hp 10, break DC 15), Climb DC 20.

Absent Thrindil, the forge generates 2 gp a day. Using the gp generated to produce Goods the forge generates 2 Goods every 11 days.


(potential earned capital bonus +12 Influence and +8 goods or +4 magic)

standing_stone.jpg ALTER
The Altar is a large standing stone that has been carved with sacred runes and sigils that date to before recorded history. There is a small offering stone with a carved bowl indentation upon which animals can be sacrificed or offerings can be left for the spirits by the faithful (a standing stone)

Earnings Influence +3; Create 2 Goods, 1 Influence, 2 Labor, 1 Magic (210 gp); Time 4 days; Size 6 squares.

garden.jpg SMALL GARDEN
This garden is now neatly tilled and grows a sizable crop of extremely high quality Tobacco as well as a relatively small amount of flay leaf (for the moment.) The Grove makes money by taking small portions of money as pre orders from potential customers, who want to insure that they will get some before its gone.

Earnings gp or Goods +8; Create 5 Goods, 4 Labor (180 gp); Time 12 days; Size 15 squares.

stonehut.jpgStone Hut
This no-frills wooden shelter contains a simple table, pallet bed, and stool. One person can build a shack with simple tools and basic materials. For an additional 1 point of Goods and 2 points of Labor, you can construct a brick or stone hut instead of a wooden shack. Currently occupied by Yundi. Create 3 Goods, 2 Labor (100 gp); Time 3 days; Size 2-4.

sacred_tree.jpgSTATUE (a sacred tree)
The sacred ancestor tree is currently a sapling that has been recovered from the tribal lands of the Huho’tach Maudi. The tree has small carvings in the outermost bark of sacred words and hidden druidic sigils that cover its surface. As well small charms have been tied into its branches, and a small basin has been prepared to recieve the blood of sacrifices and funnel it into the roots of the tree.

Earnings Influence +3 Create 2 Goods, 1 Influence, 2 Labor, 1 Magic (210 gp); Time 4 days; Size 6 squares ;
Size 6 squares.

A kitchen scrubber from the Stable, Yundi was just one of the orphans growing up in the newly recaptured Brinewall. His parents were killed and he took to the wild to learn the ways of the druid. He was met and taught by a Man named Jaroon, until it was discovered that Jaroon was a doppleganger. Since then Sa’hetna has taken up Yundi’s training and is watching with pride as he starts to come into his power with his animal companion.

(Yundi) Earnings +4 Inf or Magic Create 2 Goods, 2 Influence, 2 Labor, 3 Magic (440 gp); Time 3 days; Size 1 person

pack.jpg Guard Dogs x5
Guards train to watch over a person or location and defend that person or location if necessary. Unlike soldiers, guards are not expected to seek out trouble or take an aggressive role. Their purpose is to intimidate casual threats into leaving and defend against active threats.

Earnings gp or Labor +2, Create 1 Influence, 2 Labor (70 gp); Time 0 days; Size 5 dogs

hedge-77346_960_720.jpg Defensive Hedge Wall (double size)
This simple wooden wall, fence, or hedge surrounds your structure and provides a modicum of security. It is no taller than 10 feet, includes a single gate with a simple lock, and can be scaled with a DC 14 Climb check. It can be constructed as a stone wall — increasing the height by up to 10 feet and the Climb DC to 20 — by doubling the price. If combined with a Guard Post, this can be a walkable wall with a parapet.

Create 5(10) Goods, 2(4) Influence, 5(10) Labor; Time 12 (24) days; Size 20–40 squares

medieval_farmer.jpg Laborers
Laborers are unskilled workers who carry out basic orders. In most cases, their work is physical labor, though you may recruit laborers for specialized tasks such as begging for your thieves’ guild, being professional mourners for your cult, or filling out the cast of a theater performance. They are typically 1st-level commoners with no ranks in Craft or Profession.

Earnings gp or Labor +2, Create 1 Influence, 2 Labor ; Time 0 days; Size 5 people

The Green-Spirit Grove generates gp mostly through the sale of tobacco.


Potential Earned Capital Bonus ( INF + 23/ GOODS +4/ GOLD +39)


A Bar stores a selection of drinks and includes a counter for preparing them. After spending an hour with local people in this room, for the next 24 hours you gain a +1 bonus on Diplomacy checks you make to gather information in the settlement.

Earnings: +10gp or INF, Create 6 Goods, 1 Influence, 5 Labor (250 gp); Time 16 days; Size 10–20 squares

bar_common_room.jpgCommon Room
This versatile open area has enough space for many people to use at once. a Common Room is typically furnished with benches, chairs, cushions, mats, pews, or stools, and might have tables.

Earnings; gp or Influence +7, Create 7 Goods, 8 Labor (300 gp); Time 16 days; Size 10–30 squares

kitchen.jpg Kitchen

A Kitchen is used to prepare food. It contains a stove, sink, and small pantry with basic cooking tools and supplies. a Kitchen for a business that serves food, such as an Inn, probably also has Storage just for foodstuffs.

Earnings gp or Goods +4, Create 4 Goods, 4 Labor (160 gp); Time 12 days; Size 2–6 squares

fantasy_bathroom.jpg Bath
A Bath contains a single large bathtub or multiple smaller basins, along with a stove for heating water. After spending 1 hour in this room, you gain a +2 bonus on your next ongoing Fortitude save against disease.

Earnings gp or Influence +3, Benefit bonus on Fortitude saves against disease Create 3 Goods, 1 Influence, 2 Labor (130 gp); Time 8 days; Size 3–6 squares

bedroom.jpg Bedroom
A Bedroom provides comfort and privacy for one to two people, and typically features one large bed or two smaller beds. Many also have furnishings or features, such as chairs, wardrobes, chests, tables, or small fireplaces. a Bedroom might be the sleeping place of a building’s owner or a comfortable room for rent.

Earnings gp or Influence +3, Create 8 Goods, 7 Labor (300 gp); Time 20 days; Size 4–8 squares

Toilet-banner.jpg Lavatory
A Lavatory includes up to four 5-foot-by-5-foot private rooms for dealing with biological functions. If a building doesn’t have a Lavatory, people in it must go elsewhere for this sort of activity. Depending on the building and settlement, a Lavatory might be an outhouse, a closet with a chamber pot, or a stool connected to an external system such as a cesspit or pig trough. If the building has a Sewer Access, you can automatically connect all Lavatories in the building to the settlement’s sewer system. The sanitation improvement from having a Lavatory mean residents, guests, employees, and others who frequent the building gain a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves to resist contracting a disease while in the settlement.

Benefit Bonus on Fortitude saves against contracting disease, Create 3 Goods, 3 Labor (120 gp); Time 4 days; Size 1–4 squares

bunk_bed.jpg Lodging
This area is subdivided into smaller chambers and provides private housing and limited storage for up to 10 people. Each chamber typically includes one or two small beds, linens, a chamber pot, and a small table and chair. The door to the chamber is a simple wooden door with a simple lock. You may upgrade individual locks by paying the price difference between a simple lock and the desired lock.

Earnings gp +12, Create 10 Goods, 1 Influence, 10 Labor (430 gp); Time 30 days; Size 20–35 squares



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