Ollinithivel "Olly" West

Half-elven Dark Tapestry oracle and healer


Lvl 2 Oracle (Dark Tapestry)
Chaotic Good

AC: 13, 17 w/ Cloak of Darkness
HP: 17

Str: 8 -1
Int: 13 +1
Wis: 7 -2
Dex: 13 +1
Con: 13 +1
Cha: 20 +5

Speed: 30’
Init: +1
Fort Save: +1
Ref Save: +1
Will Save: +3, +5 vs enchantment, +10 vs charm & compulsion, +12 vs enchantment that is also charm/compulsion

No melee attack
Ranged attack: light crossbow +2 1d8 (crit 19-20/x2 80’ range, -2 if firing one-handed for a net +0)

Skills (trained):
Knowledge [The Planes] 6
Knowledge [Arcana] +5
Knowledge [History] +5
Spellcraft +6
Diplomacy +10
Intimidate +10
Stealth +6 [
8 w/ Cloak of Darkness]
Languages: Common, Elven, Aklo

Class Abilities:
Mystery: Dark Tapestry
Revelation: Cloak of Darkness
Revelation: Gift of Madness
Curse: Haunted

Extra Revelation (Cloak of Darkness)

Lvl 0 (save DC 15): ghost sound, mage hand, detect magic, guidance, read magic, spark, stabilize
Lvl 1 (save DC 16, cast 6): entropic shield, cure light wounds, command, doom

mw heavy wooden shield
backpack, common
monk’s outfit
small steel mirror
2 days elven trail rations
ioun torch
light crossbow
10 bolts
potion of lesser restoration
3 potions of cure light wounds
101 gp

Vashti Idarien, Olly’s mother, is a dusk elf ranger based out of Crying Leaf.

These days she guides Darklands expeditions. Many years ago before she
settled down, she married a human she had been adventuring with, a cleric named
West, from an order that gave up their first names. Before Olly was born
they had a disastrous encounter with a beholder deep in the Darklands, from
which only Vashti escaped. She believes West was petrified and is still down
there; however, she never had the resources to mount any sort of rescue
expedition. She has an approximate map to the beholder’s lair on the wall in
her house.

Her son Olly seemed a bit frail for rangering so she enrolled him in
wizard training. He was an affable child and keen to learn, but had no great
aptitude. There are plenty of low-level wizards who make a perfectly good – and
safe – living in town, though, so with his mother’s encouragement he plowed on,
until his 23rd year: one winter’s night, when the Northern Lights were
bright over Crying Leaf (which is farther south than they usually appear),
Olly was out on a bare peak making star charts when something came down out
of the sky and merged with him. He can’t remember exactly what happened. The
new part of him brought with it alien knowledge, however, and strange powers!
He somehow knows that what came from the sky was a thread bird, or several,
or maybe parts or ghosts of the things. They normally stay away from planets
and ride threads between the stars, but they got too close to him and got sucked
in. There are no records in Crying Leaf of anything called a “thread bird” or
equivalent experiences; he’s checked. For a few weeks Olly was very confused;
also, eerie manifestations began to appear around him: objects would move on
their own, flapping shadows would appear and disappear, and strange whistling
noises would be heard with no visible source. As he discovered some time later,
compasses go crazy near him as well. When Olly returned to his teacher, the
elven enchantress Atropanthe, his poltergeists broke so much glassware that he
was thrown out within the week.

Eventually Olly discovered that while his thread-bird-aspect went wild when
he wasn’t concentrating, he could in fact use that part of him to do magic.
Telekinesis was fairly easy, at least for light stuff, and living beings were
seething nests of quivering threads that he could now see and manipulate,
either to heal them or to mess with their minds. He’s been traveling the world
as an itinerant healer ever since; while Olly is usually well-liked himself,
folks often get tired of the poltergeists, especially once the urgent healing
work has dried up. He has supplemented his income working as a healer-for-
hire with adventuring groups.

It was with one of these that he made a disturbing discovery: in the
mountains high above Rimeskull, his group had been trying to track down the
nest of a wyvern that had been harassing travelers when they were attacked by
hobgoblins. The enemy leader was, uncharacteristically for a hobgoblin,
repeatedly casting Burning Hands – this in spite of being attired in typical
hobgoblin warrior gear, and apparently being a competent warrior. He directed
his group specifically to try to capture Olly; they didn’t succeed, although
Olly’s group had to make a fighting retreat. At first the hobgoblins gave
chase, but then the adventurers heard a loud explosion and their pursuers
weren’t seen again.

Lately Olly has been working out of Brinewall. He was last seen heading to
a remote cottage where he had heard healing was needed, but he never arrived…

Ollinithivel "Olly" West

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