Pathfinder Off the Beaten Path

The Incident Report

(season 1, Episode 9) Scuffle at 'Father's Forge'

Official Incident Testimony: Brinewall Keep
Official: Commandant Chaleb Kelton
Report: 1st of Lamashan
Incident: 29th of Rova
Witness: Thrindil Talmin’atar
Location: Father’s Forge

Eliza visited us later after the initial meeting. They inquired about Nick and Nadiya, the two people who fought to keep this town safe from hobgoblins not too long ago. I have a sneaking suspicion that they planned to kill or torture nick and send Nadya back to a royal hag family (she’s likely a changeling, given she is a heterochromatic sorcerer), where she would likely be turned, given her powers. Eliza and I brokered a trade deal with her to build a flame-forged knife. I don’t know what she plans to do with it, but the next frost queen cycle is upcoming, and I imagine it’s for nobility games.

Directly after, Eliza sent an ermine to spy on our conversation. Sa’hetna spotted and grabbed it.

We bagged the ermine, Eliza’s familiar. She sent a young white dragon to retrieve it, disgusting, vile creature. We managed to subdue the dragon as well, but Sa’hetna’s bear, A’hoot got ripped up pretty bad. He swiped at me but missed. This was on my property, mind you. We threw the dragon into the vault and as soon as we did, Eliza and her entourage beached their boat on my property and banged their shield, her Deathguard itching for a fight, yelling and banging their shields. Zurastoi was angry we didn’t kill the dragon and wanted to kill them all. I wanted to gut the dragon and negotiate for the ermine. Sa’hetna wanted to give them both back and tell them to get lost, and Ollie wanted to go on a date with Eliza, thus he parlayed.

Ultimately, Olli won out simply because he was likely the first one to die in case we angered them. Sa’hetna was unwilling to provoke Cmd. Kelton a second time (you’re welcome, Commandant) and I realized that with opinions split so far on the scale of diplomacy options that it was safer if we consolidated. We handed over both (to which Zuristoi was furious), Olli got his date, and we smoothed things over. They left on amicable and more respectable terms. I believe my trade deal is still intact.

I’ll also here report of our scouting of the hobgoblins to the east. The watchtower is fairly infested, and they’ve moved in aurochs as a food source, goblins in as a workforce, but it’s clear they’re not ready to attack Brinewall. It’s likely they’ll start drilling troops there and attack in the spring, or if they’re left to their own machinations, attack before winter. We’ve found a forward outpost eastward of the watchtower. That is likely where we will attack first.

I, Thrindil Talmin’atar, hereby willfully agree to this testimony, and that all written is the complete, unerring truth, by the word of Iomedae.

Off the Record: Cmd Kelton, we have eyes on us. I’m a political target for Irrisen due to a debt my father owed. The Chilaxians are likely spying on us as we’ve apprehended spybot constructs that have been looking into our records. Our best trade deal is with a Riddleport crime lord. You don’t survive in riddleport as a leader without slitting throats.

Eliza showed up in town, unwilling to offer her identity yet expecting to be recognized as a entity of Irrisen, which is disgraceful in my opinion. While my compatriots frowned at me for inquiring at her identity, ultimately it served us poorly that we didn’t pry. You want order to rule in this town? Expect representation for recognition, send away people who refuse, and jail people who misrepresent. Make it law. I think we have the right to know who files through our town if they ask to be formally recognized.

We are not just in establishment danger; we’re in political danger. Until we have forces, all we have is attitude and grit and respect. We must act as if we are in a position to demand respect from people who visit, or we’re going to get sacked.

We have respect from Irrisen now, and we carved that respect by demanding it. By rights, we should have slain them, and we did so not out of respect for them, but respect for you. Things here are going to get uglier before they get better, and I have more important things to do than write up incident reports, like prepping for a 4-man war against more hobgoblins than we can count just so this town can last until winter without having the populace pinned to the keep’s walls like trophy mantles.

I’m running for mayor in the winter. I hope you’ll back me.

If you’re wise, you’ll burn this report.



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